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Can't talk yesterday and so we're starting with the walls and we're gonna head all the way around to the giraffe. It's too sunny.

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I think two to three weeks so we're gonna see those in a minute but they'll be here for when we open back up again and we can't wait for you to see them. Really couple of characters so here we got Black Crescent Mango babies.

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I think by the end of the day, there's still I've been able to get eggs or pastor for about four chat zone but other than that things are starting to come back a little bit. Yes, sir. And Duchess over there, that's our girl.

Just waiting for girlfriend to ride for the blessed back. Nachhilfe ohne Risiko cat gratis reinschnuppern und in. Right so I'm gonna head off now and so that's that's it for today.

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They're not coming nice and close to me. Can you believe it two sunny? Hobbyhuren Berlin - kostenlos und ohne Anmeldung kontaktieren und auch selber inserieren auf Hobbyhuren Sexkontakte in Berlin. Man in charge So that the personality is actually brilliant. We really can't bite.

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I'll keep getting challenged to yes, he is a different place. We've got less of flamingos there for much smaller, they got really really beautiful face. So if it's like he works with the birds and mammals he's on carnivals and he is also trained on the primates and he's trained on the reptiles as well.

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Ich bin in Berlin-Lichtenrade. Hi Lily. So, these ones have quite a strict hierarchy, just like the mere cats.

We got some ducklings here as well so every year we do have a lot of Ducks that come to us cuz we got quite texas city sex chat few waterways and obviously there's a lot of food about cuz we're feeding our animals. He was the the more dominant male and which you would expect because of their size, but now that they're settling in over here, Robin is actually taking on the role of the.

I think he's adjlt honorary draft now he's always with them. So you can't wait to have cgat all back.

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Well, I will have a look to see if there's something which I can do with the chimps will ever look the other week. Hi Lexie and yeah. Columbus monkeys.

So for me, my favorite animals are probably the grays monitors. See we have the delivery we had the other day was from I think it was warmer growers and which actually I didn't even realize and they've just right behind us. I was hoping that Bella or one of the other things might be out, but usually if he's char out, that means the others probably won't be either. They really starting to come out of their shell now Said you are characters they're harrisburg fuck buddy chat line really clumsy the best winham to see a clumsy eyes when they run I think it's watching them run is absolutely brilliant.

That's always a problem with social animals. So here's our Penguins so we got Humboldt Penguins here and again if you look back If you haven't look back at our videos of the video from few days ago, where qdult had a talk about the Penguins with Becky, it was a really nice talk. That's always really helpful.

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Jenna Jenna aeult in really well. We'll confirm things closer to the time that you get away from USA Hope you're keeping safe over there hopefully in Aurora Leo. See you so the two types of wanna be we've got here Parma wannabees, which is a tiny little ones and then so they actually the smallest of the water free roleplay chat and then we got Bennett.

So there's a smooth coat daughters. Ruben so they were born on the aeult -fifth and 20 -sixth of June and now three. We're gonna finish off with the giraffes. So if you go back and have a look at that, that was really good one.

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And they eat a mixture of things, so it's mainly fish and rats. Please fill out each part completely, including contact information. That's what we're gonna finish today. Cheers Bye.