If you use Delta Chat already on mobile, better synchronize your setup to Desktop!

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The Desktop releases are the first tangible of the upcoming Rustocalypse. Many thanks to Nico who pushed this feature majorly forward in the last weeks so that we could use it in the game.

Chat by location

Available on all the plans. If you use Delta Chat already on mobile, better synchronize your setup to Desktop!

Chat by location

How to enable it? Also openssl and all other dependencies are included in the dmg install file.

Click on Geo-Fencing from the main menu. How to display chat widget based on location? Give it a try!

Feedback 1 out of 1 found this helpful Need additional information. You can set points of interest for a group and use the time range of historic data to look at.

Chat by location

to HappyFox Chat. Desktop can show a chaf for a group and the last position s of its participants if they enable location streaming.

There are now. This means no more brew install Several UX and functionality fixes Besides, many smaller features and fixes landed with this Desktop release: draft new messages are now saved on a per-chat basis some performance fixes which make the UI more fluid more are coming!

Note: The chat widget will be shown only to the countries you select here. Location streaming: mapping mobile chat partners We integrated support for the Desktop side of location streaming. This new Rust library supports Autocrypt 1.

New packaging for Ubuntu, Mac, Arch Lots of improved Desktop packagingmajorly pushed forward by Jikstra and treefit the last weeks: There are now ed releases for Mac which allows to install Delta Chat Desktop without fiddling with security settings.