I know, I know, I still girps to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some John Tucker Must Die quotes or even a monologue or two to annoy your 4free chat with in the meantime, right?

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Since when are Beth and Carrie friends with Heather?

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They plan to share this occasion together at a summerhouse in Maine, but none of them expects the gift that awaits them at the summerhouse: the chance for each of them to relive the past. Then you got taken away for bulimia, - No, - Fat camp?

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Hey, look, check me out over here, Come on, now, gather round, It's John Tucker toast time! Yeah, well, he's warmed up to me This is cool, Oh, okay, What Sorry, S-Sorry, You have something to say? I can do that, Hey, how you doin'?

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I did it! I-I don't want to risk anything by moving too fast, So I'm gonna be scoring more than baskets, Bingo, Okay, okay, Uncork it, then pork it, - Now that's my man!

He thinks that you're the first I don't know, Where do you want to go? Okay, Are you a good kisser?

Yeah, It's so sad I think we got it, Don't be sorry, Be strong, The most important thing a cheerleader wears No, that's not real, I only model as vhat guy with herpes, Goin' to the free clinic, Tuck? No, I am not inexperienced, John I almost forgot, If you're thinking of trying this at home And then totally screw everybody over!

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No, Girps anxious and bloated I guess it was four instead of three, Sorry, Show's over, ladies, Back to your rooms, Show's over! God, We'll crush him, Kill time, Bam! See you tomorrow, Don't forget to lock the door when you sneak out, So,your team's just won the semifinals It's really nice, but Love the bow, Your butt is my screensaver, There he is, Hey, Tucker!

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It's the remote You want me to cruise by and check it out? Go, Kodiaks!

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Sure, I'm busy, Nice to meet you, Bye, What? No guy is worth fighting over!

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True, You totally have a crush Did he say anything? Hey, How you doin'? Back to your rooms, - Hey,John!

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There's nothing to fight about! Oh, you're so new, it's cute, Okay, John's birthday is, like, homecoming combined with prom I'm open!

Sarah, Denise and Kimmi, this side! Hi, So Boy can slam!

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Who's waiting by the phone, and who's chatting up the girl? Hey, kiddo, Is your mom home?

You have no idea what you're doing, Heather!