I have four minutes but five minutes is a good. It's four minutes. Okay So anyway, Nice to have you my bangs are like I finally see myself so it's nice to have you for Thursday night Bible study. It's nice to have you tonight. I have food for you.

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He knows about it says We're all iniquity how many Nasha can get tied up in stuff that gets us right out? I lost my love.

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Extra any extra at all. I wanna Thank you for your many blessings. That when you yield yourself to that temptation, I think Temptation takes you.

It's nice to have you tonight. Want to go away?

Rafael Beamud, 34, of Lowell, pleaded guilty in court Friday to the robberies in Manchester and Nashua in

I'm gonna go ahead and go Barbara your hand over the heavy girl. Thank you. That's want to do this for us and a half. Just a Fruit Taste it in your mouth.

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Mm hmm, but these guys here. They're good soldier.

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Robert Tell you what me-I our churches letter and they've had three deaths. Alright you should be saved. Do you have one extra book for the toniyht

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I know I know I'm all set. Yeah I just wrote the sermon title.

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To the disco so there you go. Is it yes I'm talking about reproduction and the Sea.

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I did it again. And the President of our Lord just goes to show the old days and the old school House. Baptism into death that life is Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father, even so also we should walk in the Middle of the life where we've been planted together in the lightness of his death.

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Yes, He didn't say what I think the right feel or everybody else is not doing it or some people say no he he, he said it is written. To get the car on my honeymoon, you know they get to us, They put raw fish. I can smell it cooking before I even got to the restaurant.

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I'll talk tongiht how about how many kindel out of the River little slay here we go fishing and fishing. Theys for serving God and they couldn't say Jesus anymore. What do we say this one because he couldn't have a human father and the sinners sin.

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It's facing me so you don't need to do she just jumped. Joey Yes, until I die has a Christian because the battle is right am I right to the? And I do that I got off the hook that the water. I like that 65 Genesis Temptation Are you listening to me?

Yeah but all over the place. Oh, I did that are they gonna be there?

I'm gonna turn you around. Thank you for being here tonight.

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Yeah, we don't need to make a new doctors. Within the blood, the blood of the man that's the philosophy the science Yes, I've been real excited about. So who serves us.

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We're gonna have to look at if you're not gonna believe me so I'll I'll tonigbt it to you First three This chapter 15 verse Yeah, yes, very true. Alright guys let's go quickly.