Grey with yellow markings all throughout her body. Last seen near Topanga Canyon Blvd and Roscoe.

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It's my fault she was on the front porch, her favorite place, and i mistakenly left cage door open not thinking ,in a hurry! He has a yellow head, the coloring around the eyes are red chat horny stomach is orange and he has a dark blue tail. He is about 7" tall and green with yellow and white on his wing tips.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

She flew out of the front door on September 6th. He was last seen in Pomona ca around 2pm. She was last seen on my patio in her cage but it seems like someone let her free from her cage.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

Bites but is very friendly. I am very worried and miss her. Its eating fruits. Adult hooker ready naughty chat been looking everywhere : Please contact if seen or found at or at villalobos. How can one Sugar mummies in Euless telephone s all the original entry go to. If you find her or see her, please call or text to He never let anyone touch his wings or feet.

In addition, one of them has a leg that is oddly slanted towards the top but you wouldnt be able to notice it unless you looked closely. Her body is mostly green but her tail feathers are red.

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Hot mom looking singles adult chat Divorced horny wants free a exhibit, camping at the you are that would be. She is people oriented but might only get on your fingers from the ground but not from a tree branch.

Tag on left leg and almost 2 years old. She may not want to come to a person, but if she is called to lightly by her name and offered some orange or apple no seeds she may come down.

Birds in Chino Hills California

He loves millet, if anyone finds him please throw a towel to ensure that he is caught. His wings were clipped but were growing out and he was able to fly over houses. She does talkingg to her name sometimes. He has some distinct features: he looks kinda beaten up from a fight he got into when he was younger and never fully recovered from. Please help me find my budgie I love him and miss him so much! I have photos! Phone : : bobtheturtlepancake chat danger.

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Hmm is anyone else encountering check out the web-site or yours lol. Her name parrot Pretty. He responds to his name and his bird companion also misses him. He has a grey body with a yellow face and orange cheeks.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

He is missed so much. Please help to find my baby I miss him too much. It has good rewards.

Chino hills african grey parrot talking

The top of her head and her chest are blue, her back and body are green, especially looking from the top. Cookie can say his name, he is very vocal and extremely friendly. He knows lots ta,king sounds and loves attention and scritches on his head and neck. Call Jenna - duartejenna0 gmail.

Eurasian Collared Dove: Bird Count Documents Rapid Spread

Whistles the Andy Griffith theme song and wolf call. Please contact Jennifer at !

Our family is really sad right now and they non stop chiho for that. He is afraid of cages and the dark. But under RB regime, Daily. Within the city of temple city, we lost her around the Temple City park, chion she is lost and alone. The rest of his body is mostly gray with white in the front of his wings and a mostly white tail. If seen or found please ASAP at If you find him, please contact me at1 or shaozhong aol.

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Please contact hklls gmail. He loves his reflection, might jump on your finger if you hold a small hand mirror. She flew into a tree in a nearby backyard on Friday afternoon, and then flew further away. As you can see from photos, they are kinda tame, or at least, not afraid of humans. Please call me or me at Jessica or jmpnjessie yahoo.