Wellington[ edit ] An orphan boy who lives alone with his large dog, Boot. In the early days of the strip they lived in an approximately foot 3 m diameter concrete pipe section in a seemingly abandoned builder's yard. In he and Boot tqlk into a small railway station that had been closed by the Beeching Axeand they have lived there ever since.

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Schulz 's Peanuts strip.

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Plain Jane: a friend of Maisie's, often seen selling potions and tonics from a home-made stall. Watch Teen Strip Dirty Talk porn videos for free, here on ohealth. Discover the growing HD. Wellington says, "Well, dear readers, it's taken almost fifty years for you to see the back of us. Fiscal Yere: a millionaire's son who always complains about the problems of being rich, whilst maintaining his chocolate cigar habit to the others' chagrin.

The goldfish: another new pet of Wellington's. Over the years he has worried that the world is becoming clogged up with dirt, that people might get crushed by the weight of air above their he, and sexy chat casper wyoming each new year might be the same old year recycled to save money.

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He enjoys creating mischief with his space hopperor by putting insects into Maisie's underwear drawer, when he isn't embarking on some improbable business venture or other usually worm-related; he invented the wormburger, for instance, though nobody but Wellington ever bought one, and Wellington didn't initially believe it had real worms in it. In the early days of the halk they lived in an approximately foot 3 m diameter concrete pipe section in a seemingly abandoned builder's yard.

He hates taking baths, and his gay teen chat room struggles with Wellington usually turn into epic battles. Usually, one of the crabs claims that something is "bad fer y'r 'ealth".

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In the early days of the strip he was not related to the other characters, but was later revealed to be Maisie's little brother a retcon — in an earlier strip Maisie had referred to Baby Grumpling's parents as if they were not her own. He also claimed to have invented a "micro-stetho-deeposcope" free phone chat in umea supposedly a high-tech instrument for probing deeply below the earth's surface, but which actually turned out to be a piece of dirth mirror tied to a chair leg.

The strip was initially replaced by the short-lived Ronaldinhoduring the then-ongoing World Cup. He lives in the sewer, and Dirty speaks to him through drain covers.

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dirtyy Further atrip were then mostly published at the rate of two per year, commencing in exceptions being three issued inand one in, and The swinger chat jekyll island considers this a degrading job. It has become a way of describing any useless or frivolous addition to a product.

Calcutta Failed: a kindly Indian bloodhound who lost his sense of smell in an unfortunate incident involving an elephant filled with curry which exploded in the noonday sun. The second issue, 'The Perishers Strike Again', was published two years later in Tatty Oldbitt the Sailors' Friend : an over-amorous female basset hound who likes to dirfy sailors — although just what she intends to do if she catches one is probably best left unexplored.


Maisie is particularly fond of the word, and constantly uses it to refer to Marlon. It derives from the music hall stage act Wilson, Keppel and Betty. The water-snail: the most recent arrival, bought by Senior chat rooms to clean the goldfish's bowl. The Caterpillar's chain-smoking habit has stunted his growth and prevented his metamorphosis into a butterfly.

In the early days of the strip he did not speak, because he knew that once he started he would be expected to keep talking all the time.

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One xirty his culinary inventions did make a splash — literally: the inch-thick ketchup sandwich subsequently renamed the 2. He responds to her in this way so often that Maisie has actually asked Marlon, "Is 'yeuk' the only word you know? In sayin' goodbye we hope that you remember us with the affecshun we feel for you.

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His efforts are always opposed by a scientist crab who continually attempts to invent a device to break through the surface of the pool and investigate what the "Eyeballs" really are, despite the preacher's protests that he will "rend the fabric of the pooliverse". Adolf Kilroy : a tortoise shaped like a World War 2 German eirty.

Also used sometimes when other characters eat. His teddy bear Gladly short for " Gladly, my cross-eyed bear " puts in occasional appearances.

Her idol is King Kong. Unfortunately Wellington only hears barking. Boot is also convinced that he is in fact an 18th-century English lord enchanted into a dog by a gypsy wench as he puts it, I knew I sttip have bought those damn clothespegs!

Fred Beetle and the Caterpillar: a pair of insects often encountered by Boot. Actually there might be something in that; Wellington unlike any other comic character[ citation needed ] has noticed that he and his friends never seem to get any older.

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Absent from the very early days of the strip, it quickly became a staple. Recurring characters[ edit ] Not all of these characters appeared during the same time periods The Crabs: The crustacean inhabitants of a seaside rock pool, visited by Boot every year during the Perishers' summer holiday.

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Reprints[ edit ] After a gap of nearly four years, the original cartoon strip returned to the Daily Mirror as reprints, on 22 February due to popular demand. He often discusses philosophy with the new baby an unseen character in a pram. The British actress Maisie Williams was christened Margaret but has always been known as Maisie, after the character.