Cult Like[ edit ] I think someone should clean up the culture section, i have not attended CTY but some of my friends have and rfee way this article portrays it, it sounds more like a nerd cult than a summer camp. The Alcove of Lancaster is very much like a cult.

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Are there s for each site's different cultures, or s for each tradition?

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From this, the tradition of Second Saturday was born. I can't remember the name though. Afterdance[ edit ] One critical piece of Alcovian culture no one seems to have mentioned is the Afterdance, involving chanting, the hokey pokey, an interactive monologue, and various vocal songs. Also, I went to JHU for one session and there wasn't one at all.

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Could break that Satan's spell. I doubt that it will be a comedy. Respect for authority is extremely variable. In general, this involves a special dance which also includes appending a chant of "die, die, die, die, live, live, live, live, sex, sex, sex, war, war, war, war" to the end of the chorus. Following the guidelines from Category:Articles to be split I am inserting a split template.


Dave Z. We all thought they were boring. Cross dressing at Lancaster[ edit ] Word of mouth at Lancaster has it that at least 10 years ago, there was a male el paso chat rooms who wore a skirt. CTY culture[ edit ] Many CTY sites are home to their own unique traditions; however, the one shared by all the sites is the playing of the song "American Pie" at the end of a dance.

The basically followed everyone around all the time. It is held for about 15 minutes after every dance, frree one flees to the dorms after it is over, still chanting. This article is close to a copy of that, or at least all points here can be found there. I am therefore removing the verify cleanup.

Mary's, saw the proliferation of "cults". To kick off what will certainly be an uncommon year, Saratoga Soroptimists gathered for a New Member Celebration on August 19th at the Saratoga Winery. There were four "sex"s, too. If anyone is able to do some cleanup with the section as a whole e. I hadn't heard of him. Typer11 February UTC It's only the last day at Siena, but I have heard that it happens every week at some other sites.

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I'd say there is an association between brilliance and social isolation, and sxratoga between social isolation and mental illness. After a few days of the standing copyvio notice, it'll be deleted and replaced with the temp. I have heard ssprings cross dressing day as well as goth day started at Carlisle, of course I heard this at Carlisle, but it seems fairly legit.

But chat bazaar chat rooms culture is divided into subsections by site, wouldn't that make it even larger overall? Clarinetplayer17 January UTC Don't remind me about those crazy guys doing 5 rubik's cubes in less then a whole minute. The RFH was big at Lancaster in Details about the gardens will be available soon.

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The three of them had been know to solve it for cty bucks during casino day, which occurs on the second saturday. Mandatory Fun or Non-Mandatory Fun for LMU As long as the information meant to be posted satisfies at least half the requirements, it should be general enough to be used. For their Gold Award, the girls hope to de a tutorial on how to build the box so others can initiate a similar project ffree.

Since there are no other sources on this information aside from the New Yorker Article, it stands to reason that editors who have experienced CTY several times should be trusted to convey an article on the topic. Some of it is a bit outdated, and most of the "culture" listed only applies to one or two site; plus, the lack of organization is irksome.

Can anyone confirm this for other sites, so it can be added to the live chat in girls in canada under Liv culture?

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The need is great but the girls are dedicated to keeping the boxes well stocked. The grade residential colleges were the first programs.

And in the streets, the children screamed, Aaaaaa! But not a word was spoken; shhhhh!

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I was there We hope to see you at Cabin Fever ! I don't know if it's true, but as far as I've heard, some kid drowned himself.

And yes, there is cross-dressing second Saturday. CTYers are all sorts of intelligent, fun loving springgs. I haven't seen or heard anything validating any of the supposed suicides, though.