Frustrations in Roleplay What is "true Gor" and can it be accomplished in a virtual world? Gor is simply a compilation of stories, written by a man of Earth, a professor of philosophy, under the pen name of John Norman.

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Outwardly demeaning emotives or "thoughts" may be considered to have facial expressions that displease and used against you. You must use a Location pulldown in order to have valid roleplay.

Several rooms, I think, forget about roleplay itself. Please be aware that Portal of Dreams Site Judges reserve the right to abstain from judging any sort of Gay sissy chat combat which uses a combat system other than the AR-OC format. Combatants desiring to use some other mutually agreeable combat system are welcomed to meet in The Stadium GRP Room, as such would need to be pre-arranged, which would defeat the purpose of the surprise attack nature of Open Combat.

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It is the only time black font is allowed in your codes, thank you. Most roleplayers are middle ground. Keep this in mind.


When helping the rooms set up guidelines, rather than chores being required when a slave was girean serving, "roleplay" was required when a slave was not serving. Once past those protective walls a traveler is on his own.

Absolutely none. Gor is not kind.

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There is no actual limit to the amount of NPC's you may have. One thing I have grown in, is learning the happy medium. The board posts should indicate which judgement method is preferred.

Gorean chat

Aside from the provisions detailed below, most situations simply require knowledge of Gor or a willingness to learn. The board post should indicate which judgement method is preferred. The use of any other fight system by either gorean will result in the encounter being rendered null and void. These rooms require slaves to post their chores on the message boards; some require lengthy scripts themselves posted, while chats just chst brief statement of what the person did for chores.

Should a role-player be found to consistently respond to Open Combat challenges with a combat system other than Alter Realm Open Combat Rules in order to avoid and invalidate potentially gorean encounters, free online horny single chats default judgment will be rendered in the aggressor's favor i. Any rules specific to a chat GRP room can be horean on its entry.

We do not support poaching. Should complications arise, we strongly encourage attempting resolution through reasonable and mature discussion with all parties involved, even in cases where the role-play will require judgement. If Captor s and Captive s cannot reach a mutually agreeable resolution without judgement, role-play scripts must be posted to the Judgements section of the PoD message boards for resolution either by judge s mutually agreeable to all parties involved or by goorean PoD Yorean Judge.

In the Virtual World

All open chat is considered RP. The font for your characters name can be in black font while using your use name.

Gorean chat

There are those that have come very close. All of my quotes are from original, first-printing U.

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Unlike other goren of Portal of Dreams forums, where only the OP Original Poster may request the locking of a thread, a Site Judge may request for a thread to be locked once ruling is complete. Which sort home then is vorean for you? Slaves would also be whipped more often, disciplined more cruelly. Please note: entering a PoD Gorean GRP room indicates an understanding of, and intent to comply with, all rules set forth on the room entry.

Frustrations in Roleplay

The slaves then would simply be discarded as is proper for "true" Gor. First and foremost, Portal of Dreams Site Rules take precedence over gprean rules of any privately run home located in the Gorean Section.

Please read, respect, and adhere to all rules provided on or linked to the room entries of privately run homes and Gorean GRP Rooms. However, regardless of outcome, no one will be forced, guilted, or coerced to leave one site for another if they are not comfortable in doing so. The first available Site Judge will post that the combat is being looked at so other Site Judges are aware. Storylines can be easily created using NPCs and help a person hone their roleplaying skills.

Gorean chat

Those homes sadly, start with a great membership, but the "reality" of Gor becomes too much for many roleplayers. OOC will be limited to PMs only. The Wilds is an area that is not controlled by any city. While Gor is meant to be a venue for online friend chat and excitement, it is not meant to be a cat where site rules prohibiting cross-character and OOC chag can be loopholed by hiring an Assassin whose mark cannot be fact-checked for validity.

Gorean chat

We thank you for your understanding. Come on in and find out. Too Much of One Thing Chat rooms — including those created for Gor godean other similar roleplay venues as well were deed gay boy live chat people to have fun and enjoy themselves. The purpose is not to prevent character death but to ensure that the mark was not invented by the Assassin to carry out a personal vendetta, motivated by cross-character harassment, or stemming from an OOC dispute.

Criteria for and validity of captures and escapes in privately run rooms is subject to Room Leader discretion.

Gor is harsh. Unlike other sites, we will chay require a minimum post count of activity. There are many ways to roleplay to keep "busy" when a slave isn't entertaining or serving.