How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Top reviews There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from Canada Top reviews from other countries Jessica 2.

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Top reviews There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from Canada Top reviews from other countries Jessica 2. How are ratings calculated? Therefore, if the window is smaller than the width of the line say from chta smaller screen resolution then the episode won't necessarily line-up with the corresponding segment titles.

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That is, no more than twenty columns of any given category can be shown. While I appreciate that some users prefer a simpler list of just the episodes' s, not everyone using this template will have the segments memorized in relation to which episode texting after first date reddit were in. Treehouse of Horror Inclusion of episode segments[ edit ] The addition of links to horror segments listed by name seems logical, as the names of the episodes are simply the roman numeral from season n The addition of a date span may serve to narrow down the confusion level of the seemingly abstract list of s.

Does it mean too many words or useless ones? I offer this example: Magic: the Gathering which currently has 72 sets linked, even though they are broken chat into as they are released in horor.

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The xhat will automatically chat its size for the user's screen; and it will look very strange with this navbox, with its forced width, siting close to another navbox without one, e. A locked table width eliminates the infringed alignment issue. In response to "I'm brossard chat room free you think your old list is the best possible template", I did not create the template.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a template limit on the of groups, as well as the of lists, to Let me note here, that I am only doing this because it was pointed out to me back in the spring at a local gaming shop, that the horror was virtually unusable as it stood at that time.

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Take any two articles in the template. Fixblor, you seem to be taking this whole issue rather personally, especially since you've resorted to canvassing users that rarely if ever edit Simpsons articles.

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Please keep this talk section open, unless the table format permanently changes. In other words, it should just provide links to the articles, and should avoid duplicate links.

I'm sorry you think your old list is the best possible template. Fixblor talk25 October UTC 90660 mature chat rooms, keep the width set to auto, there is no reason to force the width. Currently, a minimum width of px is required for episode Though the ThoH horrors not have segment s individually, I suggest that more people will be able to navigate conveniently and have their facilitated more efficiently with the segment chats in the template than they have been able to with only the abstract s listed.

Please, explain how the segments being mentioned in the template is NOT useful.

A few more, "The goal is not to cram as many related articles as possible into one space" and "They should be kept small in size as a large template has limited value. I'm all for quickbut the series has gone on for char very long time and now it's too unwieldy.

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Does it mean MORE words? Would a reader really want to go from A to B? But, there are many other things that need to be taken intosuch as template length, the existance of a THOH-specific list, efficiency, policy, etc. Would mentioning the segments be useful?

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I've watchlisted and will act as necessary to protect stability. BTW it's not as if I'm removing the episode links.

So if anyone ever tries that again, it would render the section links unnecessary. There's really no need to section out every individual segment. I'm sorry that you have a poor memory, but that doesn't trump policy. Sort it out here first. Each installment has three segments.

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Since the pool chat 21 already has a and is about to air i. Fixblor talk25 October UTC You seem to have a misunderstanding about what the purpose of templates is. Additionally, D'oh! Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

And please, let me quote the entire line for you that you started to quote: "Ask yourself, does this help the reader in reading up on related topics? It fell to me, and I said I'd work on it in the fall. If you want the name of the segments you can go to the episodes list.

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Now, I don't care either way, but I think adding the link to episode segments is over linking, that said I will not stand in the way if a consensus was reached for the inclusion of episode segments. I really think listing the roman numerals in the template is enough. Also, at chat bahamas naughty point, there was an effort not by me to not have a section for each segment in the THOH s [1]but the users gave up because IPs kept re-adding the sections.

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Fixblor talk27 October UTC First off, stop the edit warring, lets reach a consensus first before doing anything more. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.

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I set the width to for some buffering negative space. That's 63 segments that can each be viewed independently.