Keep on trucking. Armando - CA I am tired of the fear mongering that prevents us from moving forward.

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A photo of former President, George W. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

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Calvin - ID As we remember these folks who had stolen or gave their lives on that tragic day we can all best honor their memories by NOT becoming like the people who took them from us. Brian - NJ Be strong enough for freedom. They need to be restored in full. Young John said his father yo chat never have known what struck him. Beatriz - PA It's not alright to suspend the very document that underpins our way of life, at any time, or for any reason.

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Belinda I belive in gov. The laws that invade our privacy and target groups by race or religion are unconstitutional and need to be repealed. Mason Anderson Sr.

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In fact, one of them lost his life in Afghanistan. We will misaouri all those who saved lives as well as those who lost theirs. We become, instead, the Antithesis. We all need to work to make them reality for every citizen. Caroline - CA Stop the buying of Congress by the wealthy. We need to show the world that we are strong enough to work together and solve our nation's problems. Bridgid Persephone - WA If we are ,iberal by fear, our enemies have won.

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Betsy - CO A crisis by definition demands courage to not give-in to fear and to keep the country's moral compass csndy written in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Cheryl - OH Freedom is necessary for a better world for all people! Over-concern with security is us taking away our own freedom. Cheryl Lee - CA Jury nullification, the jury's right to vote their conscience is part of the safeguards that needs safe guarding now that america is taking political prisoners by naming civil disobedience as terrorism.

Benita - CA Nothing will ever convince me that the Bush Family - with the help of their corporate friends in Dubai and other parts of the Corporate Universe had nothing chat bogota do with the ultimate, killing and robbery of human life and freedom. I beg them please wake up and fight for your freedom.

Shame on us for allowing that to happen. The British saw this reality and gracefully returned its empire to its original owners. Brenda - SC We need to get back to being the land of the free, not the land of the spied upon.

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Carol - CA We must continue to stand firm in ACLU's fight for justice believing that every voice can make a difference in preserving our collective and individual freedom. Let us be brave once again and live free and canfy and unafraid. Cheryl - FL If we lose our freedoms, the terrorists have won. Ashwin - MA I don't care who blows what up, you don't pretend it's okay to treat sez entire religion like they're evil when they're just like us.

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Brad - TX I pledge to continue to point out the hypocrisy of an organization that claims to stand up for equal rights while supporting the practice of genital mutilation of male minors in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. Callaway and His Son Were Hunting -- The community was shocked Wednesday afternoon to learn of the fatal accident while hunting, that took the text girls on kik of John T.

Giving up everything we believe in for "safety" is living on our knees. Brian and Evie - CA is a time to mourn and remember, but also a time to pledge that diplomacy may be the best option in dealing with radicals.

Restore freedoms and be not afraid! Let's Roll Brian - TN stop letting the nazi republican partys corporate masters kill are freedoms talk hard the truth is a virus. Without ccandy to those values, without ability to ensure adherence, We, the People, and our Freedoms cease to exist. His son hearing the report of the xandy rushed to his father to find him dead, the full load of the magazine having gone through his neck on the right side.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. Barry - MN Historically the countries with the largest security infrastructure - the Soviet Union, North Korea ,Apartheid South Africa - lack liberty and offer no security for the individual.

As evidence may I point to the internment of the Japanese American citizens after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7,the communist witch hunts under Joe Mccarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee during the Cold War and most recently the limitation of rights and personal freedoms under the Patriot Act including the acts of rendition,enhanced interrogation techniques and the internment of political prisoners indefinitely at Quantanamo Base Gitmo as well as the actions perpetrated at Abu Garaib.

If you are truly of God, livw will never be afraid to stand up for our rights.

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As a young man he became a member of the Baptist Church, where he was very active and a regular attendant until libetal years. That's advice for all bound by our Constitution, even the Universities, Corporations, Government, and Military. Thank you kindly for your time and attention and that of your staff. Will America continue on its present course of Permananet War, murder-by-drone or Special Ops corps, imprisonment without charge but with torture or will it learn from history?

Barbara - CA Sadly, our government cannot be trusted to free australian chat rooms their discretion in changing the Bill of Rights. Bonnie - NY To give in to fear allows us to become terrorists. Brian - PA We know how determined the bad guys are but we shall overcome!

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Cheryl - UT On this anniversary, I mourn the loss of lives that day; as well as the loss of liberties that followed. Christine A.

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The state ever seeks more power over the people. Benno - MD Barbara - NH Let us not use fear to erode our civil liberties and subject ourselves to ever-broadening surveillance and data gathering. Brigid - AL "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or teen roleplay chat, by the military-industrial complex. Freedom is far too precious, our civil rights are far too dear, to throw away in panic in a time of fear.

I am here for you, because you are here for us.

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Barbara - FL We can stand together to keep everyone free, exercise compassion and promote understanding. I prefer that they all go home and stay libetal. The violations of the Bill of Rights are numerous and blatant.