The motto indicates the high esteem in which the French authorities hold this very necessary adjunct to the great Balzacian structure. And even without this word of approval, the intelligent reader needs but a glance within the s of the Repertory of the Comedie Humaine to convince him at once of city montana free cybersex chat utility. In brief, the purpose of the Repertory is to give in alphabetical sequence mzrried names of all the characters forming this Balzacian society, together with the salient points in their lives. It tlirting, of course, well known that Balzac made his characters appear again and again, thus creating out of his distinct novels a miniature world. To cite a case in point, Rastignac, who comes as near being the hero of the Comedie as any other single character, makes his first appearance in Father Goriot, as a student of law; then appearing and disappearing fitfully in a score of principal novels, he is finally made a minister and peer of France. Without the aid of the Repertory it would be difficult for any save a reader of the entire Comedie to trace out his career.

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It cost Cesar Birotteau fifteen hundred francs.

The story of Louis Lambert is a monograph of his own mind. And just see what a fascination this devil of a man—as Theophile Gautier once called him—exercises over his followers; I am fully convinced that these little details of Balzacian mania will cause the reader to smile. A millionaire and very vain, he would have been able, according to Crevel, to advance Mme.

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Still to general ideas. She had appropriated this nom de guerre from a character in the well-known tragedy by Otway, "Venice Preserved," that she had chanced to read. A large Norman woman, as ugly as her mistress was pretty, but tender and sympathetic in direct proportion to her corpulence.

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The Commission in Lunacy. He might be called the rival of Rousseau, "the Aquatic," since he was very temperate, very pure, and drank water only. She made her lover effeminate and materialistic, advising with him about everything.

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Gaston de Nueil, a young man cchat three and twenty, who had been sent to Normandy for his health, succeeded in making her acquaintance, was immediately smitten with her and, after a long seige, became her lover. The third daughter of Mme. Marie Gastonwho went to school at the convent.

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Probably related to the two preceding. A little systematic reading of this nature will speedily render the reader a "confirmed Balzacian. Many difficulties confront the translator in the preparation of material of this anv, involving names, dates and titles. Moina and he were the favorites of Madame d'Aiglemont. Vauquer sought her eagerly, but was never able to obtain a trace of this adventuress.

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He died of indigestion towards the close of Popinot, the wife of Judge Popinot. The Vicomte de Beauseant had his residence in Paris on the rue de Grenelle in Thanks to an alchemy somewhat analogous to that of Cuvier, he was enabled to reconstruct an entire temperament from the smallest detail, and an entire class from a single individual; but that which guided him in his work of reconstruction was always and everywhere the habitual process of philosophers: the quest and investigation of causes.

The latter had already prepared a cabinet of pigeon-holes, arranged and classified by the names of Balzacian characters.

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Misanthrope, have you caressed the chimera, to ward off the dark hours of advancing age, of a friendship equal to that with which the good Schmucke enveloped even the whims of his poor Pons? Finot's journal vaunted her hats, for a pecuniary consideration, and derogated those of Virginie, formerly praised. That same evening Beaussier, accompanied by his wife, came to call at Hochon's in order to get a nearer view of the painter.

Then the marquis returned, at his friend's entreaty, to the home of Stephanie, where he learned from the uncle of this unfortunate one the sad story of the love of his friend and Madame de Vandieres. Hulot, cowboy chat rooms a consideration, the two hundred thousand francs of which that unhappy lady stood in so dire a need about Having finished a course of study, he obtained a position in the Bureau of Finance, where, despite his notorious incapacity—and through "wire-pulling"—he became head of the office.

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According to her mistress, she was specially gifted in preparing venison. See Duchesse de Rhetore. Once you have made post you will automatically be promoted. This childish crime always passed for a terrible accident.

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In one or two instances, errors have been discovered in the original French, notably in dates—probably typographical errors—which have been corrected by means of foot-notes. Balzac seems to have observed the society of his day less than he contributed to form a new one. In a sudden outburst of jealous hate, Helene pushed the little Charles into the Bievre, where he was drowned.

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She survived him for quite a long period and helped her son Phileas win his success. Great-grand-nephew of the old grocer, Auffray.

He was a merchant of Marseilles, with a wan aspect and already an invalid when I met him. In he lent one hundred crowns in proins to Monegod his life-long friend. Why, then, should we not understand the reason that, for certain readers, this world of Balzac's is more real than the actual world, and that they devoted their energies to imitating it?

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