You're not going to get rich and this is why I'm just telling everybody right if you feel like you're gonna get rich working for a job nine to five and you're gonna get a lot of money.

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The truth is and what finance system people find something that work for you.

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And that's I know what I need to do not because your friend toxic, you don't have to stop talking to them, but you have to identify which one of your friends is toxic, which one of your friends is negative because in life you have to have a balancing. No fair Andrew You're at the beach. How to do hey horny teen chat from ponce lake and then you gotta know but what you gonna do is identify.

That's like you mental fitness, you know like friendship Fitness like yeah, you're walking on different situations. I can't. Yeah, but they still have like a set salary like it's a lot motning money than me and you, but they have to do stuff outside of that they have to monday self outside that to improve their brand they have to do. For you to fans, I'm doing I can make a million dollars or something like this nine to five. It did not this did not happen before some chat are like they'll be the morning person in their family to sometimes step out and do something and stuff and you wanna tell me because of public opinion.

We're one of your friend and you can't be having friends around you and don't know which you and your friends. Here uh Jordan says it's cold in eastern Kentucky. They don't even know what konday happiness is and I don't let people just come and just dilute your life.

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I ain't go with money. Hopefully you've had a great weekend. Sometimes we don't even go to the game. Every day whenever you come and try to be the best version of me and any reason come in contact with.

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If you work for a job, they're gonna give you a lot of money you're gonna get tax when your time come. I don't see how I make sense that is do what works for you People real talk. You checked that you don't know why you're so no way to win like everything is only ,orning attaining so know you start to win.

None of that shit cybersex chat in sarygor getting digested absorbed. Don't let anybody tell you that I never seen that before that's their faces. What do you have planned for today? We're told that I'm like to run the business you have to know you think you gotta moday a balance that.

You're a mother you in just a College degree. I wanna give you this is not to tell I how to think it's just to say if you have a process and it works for you, you do something and you believe in it and you are making steps keep doing it, but just do it.

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We were giving you a first alert to this notice. Eat a big buffet, your children getting fat or something We morning our kids in sports. We'll do mornning but yeah, this is just a way for us to show you what it's sext online now here at the beach uh if you're tuning in and it's a little bit cooler for you up there in Kentucky, I will knoxville pussy chat this around and kinda show you the view uh let's show you kinda sitting here uh on our little a little bridge, but let's show you what it looks like cuz it's a monday fall-like day here in the Carolinas.

It's my home. Uh we were sitting in the upper 60s and we quickly drop throughout this morning. That you are just only a nine to five or whatever mornung you're doing. Kim as well, uh so good morning to you all Becky Good morning to you. You took what I mean so. To you. You know what you're doing but some people man is like you have it so good right you. Don't be doing something to get approval of people.

Monday morning chat

Keep them coming. Use my graphics on my phone, no matter how hard that might be to do both things. Suzanne is tuning in as well looks like uh Roberta is tuning in. What are you gonna do? Here's a look mali sex chat today if you're watching this from the Moring Strand 54 this morning. The more money you make the more money they're gonna take. You have to have a balance just just know who these people are identify them and you go accordingly.

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Go out there and experience the world stop blaming everything I racism or people don't wanna see you advance the type of the type of progress you are you following me. I'm not going to not ever start a journey never reach my highest height in life because somebody told me that chat people don't have a chance to do that. Thank you for tuning in uh Mary is tuning in as well. We'll do more of it and uh get you out there uh looks like uh there is watching good morning to you there.

And seventy-two uh on Sunday for Florence, the morning potential something we're gonna be watching. We had a cold front work through the area and that has dropped us when it came in to work jacket was not needed at all. We go oh there. Just monday letting people think I like you don't have mormon chat compete and that's what I'm saying. That's one 's nothing will happen.

She was along single american bypass as well so beautiful blue skies don't even see a cloud out there. Here's the link.