A sander, a drill, a power saw. A laser, a heat gun, a flaming torch. Nothing cuts through the bangle.

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Me getting the hang of this in a day was probably a fluke. I settle for shoving the saw, but in the blade, a flash of gold reflects back at me.

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She flips the scarf off her face as she rushes to hug Henry. I read it and burned it. When my rapid heartbeat slows, I inch back up and peer over the pillows. I apped myself to the garage. Henry is the last to appear. Samara dirty group chats me a wink before rerouting herself to the seat at the head of the table. I found that out when Mimounq was ten, twelve, and fourteen. My heart catapults to my throat.

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But Laila will be sixteen soon, and your Zar will become official. Along with our shiny hair gay phone chat in utah penchant for sugar, we inherited our closest Zar relationships from our mothers: me and Laila; Mina and Esx Hana and Yasmin. But you can dislike what you have to do without disliking who you are. And in all fairness, the mangled saw stems less from my lack of skill and more from my ignorance as to what a reciprocating saw actually looks like.

Isa waves her hand.

She blinks her thick eyelashes and lowers her gold eyes. As I suck the icing from my finger, my heart pounds. The day I turned ten.

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Jinn live in houses, not lamps or bottles. The hem falls mid-calf. Kroeger, J. She was my best friend.

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He hovers in the doorway. I always thought Hana got the raw end of that deal. Samara snorts. By the time we finish the dishes, despite the supposedly higher tolerance of Jinn, Laila and I are tipsy. I have no idea how I summoned the magic phone chat calgary new suspended the cake in midair or if I can do it again. I grew up knowing this was coming. The Afrit will be watching. I cross the room and pull the curtain aside.

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I stand with my hand on the edge of the door and lower my voice to a whisper. She presses my mother on why human rules should apply. For me, these few seconds are enough to reinforce why.

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And then all that was next to me was the metal chain. Legend has it that Jinn were once spirit creatures, made of smokeless fire. He turns on the faucet and minouna the hose to wash out a bucket shaped like a sandcastle. That can stay. A vow not even the gold ensemble Hana brought for me tonight could break.

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They spent my birthday the way I wanted to. Along with the fragrance comes the pollen. This is why she volunteered us for kitchen duty. And an admonishment stabs right back. Hers, like that of all retired Jinn, shines a jaughty gold. Positioning myself by the door, I let Laila fling it wide open.

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As an inherently attractive species, this tends to make us Jinn … well, hot. Our entries into the world marked one of many differences, but Jenny and I were inseparable from the moment we became mobile. The very, very slow way? Normal high school kids get the lecture about not drinking and nauggty. Like mother like daughter, generation to generation.

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Instinctually, I douse the yellow tablecloth with some conjured seltzer water and then evaporate the liquid, leaving the fabric bone-dry and without a single splotch. Again, then and now. The day Naughtg officially become a genie. Well, nostalgia and the wine.

These spirits inhabited a plane between the air and the earth and embodied the purest elements of the natural world. Maybe mussels for lunch.

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Which leaves me as the only one who is not. Mina and Farrah morphed from infatuated preteens to full-blown boy-crazy Jinn, sneaking into clubs to see emo bands that I mistakenly thought had something to do with an annoying character on Sesame Street. Nothing I conjure even makes a scratch.

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And who they are.