By Theresa Massony Aug. But then, I remember all the memes I'd miss out on, and the fact that that phone costs more than I want to think about, and it stays glued to my goddamn hand. I'm a bitter slave to technology.

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But to satisfy your curiosity, read along: This guy says it definitely depends on the situation. Shutterstock I really firs like long drawn out conversations through text.

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Was that my phone? Do they typically go hours [or] days without a response?

Should guys text first

I don't know his life, though. Shluld a girl likes to text me all day, I'll take my sweet time replying so that we never run out of things to talk about and I can still do things besides type on my phone all day.

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By Theresa Massony Aug. But then, I remember all the memes I'd miss out on, and the fact that that phone costs more than I want to think about, and it stays fiirst to my goddamn hand. What if someone I like hasn't responded to my text in five hours?

Should guys text first

Why, though? Dating coach and relationship expert James Preece ly told Elite Daily, "Don't rush to conclusions tect this is the first time it's happened. Are they okay?

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This guy understands the importance of a good meme when texting a girl, thank God. I'm a bitter slave to technology. It's going to be okay. It might not be about how long it takes to text back, what matters is that you answer eventually.

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People do get busy and life can get in the way. Depending on the person, I'll criticise every word as being the reason they haven't responded yet. Waiting conveys that snould have other activities that are more pressing. Is it OK if I text that girl I like first?

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Because if your date isn't sending you funny memes in the first place, how fun will this person be anyway? But luckily, some guys on Reddit may have made at least one part of it a little easier, as they revealed how often they text a girl they like before a first gyys. It's when you're texting with someone you're interested in but one or both people are waiting to text back after a few minutes or hours instead of replying immediately.

Test Oct. If we're making plans, I'll respond immediately.

Should guys text first

Is this a person who always takes a long time to respond? So if you're worrying about how often your date texts you before the actual event, well, mostly don't worry about that because this guy does not deserve your worry just yet. Some people might start to worry. I worry when I don't hear back from friends. You might even know that this person is going through tough times You do want to leave some stuff to talk about on the actual date.

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tirst Don't get too caught up in the nitty-gritty of texting, my friends. These guys will match whatever you're doing because you're always right, duh.

Not hearing back right away is not always about you. I should go do something else.

The problem is when the other person takes equally as long to respond. These guys will barely text you beforehand apparently. Guys are just gonna do them.

Should guys text first

I pay attention to when a girl replies because too long and without a reason just feels like she's not into it. That's not someone I want to be with.