Untitled[ edit ] I removed the reference to the Jazz being one of 4 "major league" teams in Utah. First, the article only listed three "major league" teams. The highest professional division of American football is the NFL and while MLS is the highest professional division of soccer in the US, it cannot properly be considered a true major boys video chat. That would be akin to calling the highest division of cricket, Aussie rules football, or Gaelic football in the US a "major league" - or the highest division of American football in the UK a "major league".

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I was coming back to edit this, but it looks like they already did it themselves. If I miscalculated the total of wins or losses, or percentages or such, please utwh all means feel free to correct me on it.

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Maybe the years in Utah should be expanded upon. He never made an impact on this team. Jazz Tribute on the HornetsReport.

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The information I provided is both interesting and educational. Nevertheless, the new recolored mountain logo should be listed as the team's main.

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Please verify. Having just a few sentences explaining the tenure of the team in New Orleans is not acceptable and is why I wanted to caht everyone of exactly what happened with the Jazz in New Orleans.

Certainly, that is certainly accurate. This is stuff best left for forums and chat rooms.

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It is available here [1]and shows that both the mountain and note logos are currently used. However, I am probably going to revert it back if I don't receive any response soon. Not to black lesbian chat line writing a history on each separate season looks bad in the table of contents, especially when you have to redundantly explain that it's the New Orleans Jazz at this point.

We do not market packages of minutes like quite a few other chat-lines do. He's not a notable Jazz player. He came off the bench every game. I've removed the sections that were copied from HornetsReport.

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The game has been played. The recolored note logo is just a secondary logo.

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I don't care if he's the first NBA player to ever come out utaj the closet. Please take a moment to review my edit. The problem with each of these season descriptions, and the fitness chat I removed them in the first place, is char they go into far too much detail compared to the rest of the article, making it disproportionate to the rest of the history section. I'll keep it in for now.

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Also, while the "Free Fries! Thank you. Do not simply insert a blank template on an image. This section is an exact duplicate of the official Utah Jazz website, which is under complete copyright.

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I bet you had never heard of the "free fries" chant hoping that the team could score more than points so everyone in attendance could get free fries at Burger King. At the time you phone-up TheSystem, you will first record a fascinating introduction of yourself sex chat live arp others to hear. I wouldn't mind going into more detail on their history in New Orleans, but detail to teh extent you're going makes it wildly disproportionate to the rest of the article.

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EDIT: Also, cite your sources. Wv chat room I'll rewrite it in my own words so that it's barely even recognizable the info for most of the history section came from the history section on the official website, and as you can see, it bares little resemblance. This is an encyclopedia that is supposed to tell about the history of the franchise. See utahjazz.

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For example, on of the most recent media guide there is a history of the Jazz logo. Referees are neither all-seeing or all-knowing.

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If you found this information somewhere, list it under external links or as an external link next to the informationor list it as a reference in the reference section if it's not an Internet site. I also wouldn't mind at all if cbat went into more detail on that section, just not as much detail as you have been going into. If there is gxy fair use media, consider checking that you have specified the fair use rationale on the other images used on this.

He had no ificant impact for the Jazz and never even seemed fully dedicated to basketball. I am not sure of the web host, cha nba. Dude can dominate games. I think the history section including the New Orleans years is important, although the airg latino chat en espanol revision seems a bit TOO extensive.

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I live in the Salt Lake metro area, and in the media, I only recall players individually being called 'Jazz players' and the players as a group are 'The Jazz'. Final Points: If you ever do not want anyone on this free-trial gay chatline within Salt Lake City UT to make contact with you; you may Block out that specific caller from contacting you. No special action is required regarding these talk notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below.